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Welcome to Landfill Systems 

Landfill Systems was formed in 1995 in to meet the demand for electrical and mechanical engineering services created by the landfill gas renewable energy industry. 
Landfill Systems primarily provides electrical & mechanical services to the waste, environmental & renewable energy industries. 
Our team of experienced engineers has developed a number of technical solutions, many of which are directly transferable to the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry. 
Operating from our one-acre industrial site in East Anglia, the company installs and maintains plant throughout the UK. 
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Our Services 
We offer a range of services 
including Biogas Flares, Electrical  
Systems, Gas Booster Packages,  
Pipework Systems and  
Maintenance Services 
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About Us 
Read more about our team and  
the type of work that we do including  
the design, manufacture, installation  
and commission of landfill gas extraction,  
pumping, venting and flaring systems 
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Contact Us 
If you would like to contact us  
or talk to one of our engineers,  
please get in touch, we are  
happy to discuss any queries  
or provide a quote for you. 
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